Watch: This viral video reveals the dirty side of Batasha making and why it should not be used for Pooja

Batasha refers to sweet and crispy sugar discs often served to Indian deities as ‘Bhog’. Made with sugar and water, this pristine white sweet is easily available at any pooja samagri shop and or even at a regular grocery store. This Indian sweet holds special importance during the festival of Diwali, when it is served along with puffed rice to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi.

While many of us have fond memories of enjoying this treat that gives us a sugar rush, we do not know how this sweet dish is made. Recently, food blogger Aman Sirohi, who runs the page Foodie Incarnate shared a video and revealed how Batasha is made.

The video features the Haaji Batasha Shop, Agra, where kilograms of Batashas are made every day. The 3.30 minutes video showcases the entire process of making batasha. In the beginning of the video, Aman warns that after watching the video, one might stop offering Batasha to Gods. His video caption reads, “You will NEVER EAT Batasha after watching this video.”

From the video, it appears that the 2-string sugar syrup is boiled on high heat and then the staff drops small drops of the thick syrup on the floor with a wooden spatula. The thick syrup turns into Batsha within seconds. The disappointing part of the video is when the staff walks bare feet on the same floor where Batashas are made and while collecting the batashas too, the end products are all over his feet.

At the end of the video, the blogger feels disappointed and if we look at the process from a religious point of view, the preparation lacks basic hygiene.

The video has garnered 4.83 lakh views, 45.3k likes, and over 600 comments. The users also felt disappointed. A reader commented, “So do you think the other street food in India is 100% hygienic?” To which the blogger responded, “There is a difference between normal food and Prasad.” Hope you get my point.” Another user commented, “Every raw food is made like this son.”


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